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Enterprise Development

MetaSquare’s approach to Enterprise Portal architecture is grounded in giving freedom for improvements, however much flexibility to change, functional expansions and new framework integration as reasonably could be expected — all to support your emerging business development. We provide full support of SOA standards, broadly using institutionalized protocols and create straightforward and well-documented custom API.

In our Enterprise development, our emphasis is on

- Full-cycle support and project activities support
- Consulting and business investigation
- Process modeling
- Portal architecture design
- UI design and prototyping
- Data modeling, data flow modeling and database design integration
- Application and modules development
- Enterprise integration with business applications like CRM, ERP, SCM and so on.
- Deployment and stabilization
- Maintenance and support
- Continuous improvement

To cut development expenses and reduce project duration. MetaSquare's first decision is using proven platforms carefully tailored for your individual business needs. We specialize in leading technologies such as Open CMS, LifeRay, DotnetNuke, Alfresco and Microsoft Sharepoint