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Secure Coding

Secure Coding is an essential asset to any application/software. Application developers have to be proficient in producing code that is safe for release and not vulnerable to any known threats. We assess the code/assembly of your applications/softwares and run them through an automated as well as manual reverse engineering techniques and provide a detailed report on the possible weak points of the code. We also provide secure coding solutions to focus on this aspect ground up. We commit to our strict security oriented standards that are unbreakable also not affecting the functional capability and reliability.

Why Secure Coding?

Secure coding or Defensive Programming is a method which dramatically minimizes the errors in a program and makes it bug free. It is usually the bugs, errors, runtime faults and unpredictable input conditions which are the hotspot for program crackers and reverse engineers to get into the program and achieve what they want. We provide a detailed assessment of the vulnerabilities of such softwares and also provide add-on coding solutions.

Our Top Strategies include

- Canonicalization of input/output.
- Manual reverse engineer and loophole detection using assembly debugging tools.
- Scramble/Cipher coding practice which leads to randomization of code blocks which makes it exponentially harder for crackers to reverse engineer the program.
- We also provide ready made libraries that perform defensive action to your program while the program runs along.

Secure coding thus reduces the overall vulnerability level of the program making it safer to publish it. It potentially reduces all forms of cracking, overflow vulnerabilities and injection attacks.