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Network Security

The Global Network is as crazy as a blizzard storm. A moment away from the walls will lead to extreme catastrophies. Securing the company's private data is a major concern ever organization must adopt. At Metasquare, We look at this as part of the infrastructure of any company. We provide proactive and self-learning solutions to your organization so that you are safe from day 0 as it's too late to begin from day 1.

   9 out of 10 organizations face some or the other type of network based attacks.

Our state of the art MetaCloud Security network acts like a substrate layer over your network by actively eliminating any network threats that can creep into your organization. It probes and verifies each and every packet in and out of your network all the while maintaining the privacy of your organization.

Our Dedication to your Security

Every organization's network is different. How can one antivirus or a malware solution fit them all? This is one question we ask to the global network and security solution providers.

- We mend the network for organization of all sizes and standards.
- We constantly keep a watch out for any rising threat and prevent it at its infancy.
- We provide secure channelling facility to every organization to transfer highly secure data to your end recipients.
- All the while maintaining your network speed and quality of service.