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Data Protection

All organizations who have data ranging from one thumb drive to a huge underground data center require its appropriate protection. At Metasquare, we provide comprehensive data protection techniques and best practices. Information or Data Privacy concerns exist in all levels of a business and they have to be mitigated at its infancy. Information breach in any form is unacceptable and it might lead to heavy losses and hasstle to any organization. It immediately makes the users look upon and possibly do a make shift to some other service. We at Metasquare strive to make this our flag ship service to help protect data at all cost.

Protection Standards and Services

- We follow a ground up data breach prevention protocol that makes data protection seamless.
- Our protocols and softwares provide extensive data aggregation stategy that helps maintainance of meta data easy.
- Smart data backup systems provide a ready made quick restore during needful moments.
- Rollback services capture all settings and configuration of any system and makes it accessible to quick reviewal.
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