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Cyber Forensics

At Metasquare, we provide Cyber Forensics and Data Recovery services. An IT threat or an accendental damage can put your valuable data to the loose. We provide the best in class reporting and recovery services. If your organization ever becomes liable to report to the court for data privacy breach and any other thirdy party intrusion, we can help you determine the root causes and create a customised report that will make your time worth spending.

This century started with several internet threats that made us slip into our thinking hats. We are now as competent as the trouble makers and now ready to help you in situations like this. Always look out to set place netwok security services well ahead of time which can literally save millions whether they are people or dollars. The power to make a change lie your hands.

Our range of services

Cyber Forensic Recovery
Cyber Evidence Management
Report Creation
Data Recovery [Soft]
Data Carving [Hard]
Custom Cyber Security Services