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Code Audit

Our Code Audit services provide a standard based assessment of a well written code. As part of Metasquare's compliance policy, we also ensure that your program has followed all secure coding practices as well. We assess the program and filter out High-Risk Vulnerabilities to Low-Risk Vulnerabilites. We perform in-depth audit on your programs using language specific code audit tools and Manual Purge techniques.

Coding Standards

At Metasquare, We follow a High-Level to Low-Level scanning of vulnerabilities which can help you tackle rooting bugs when you work your way down. This helps in quickly assessing how well written the program is and how readable it is to the public. Metasquare advices all open-source programs to pass a coding audit test so that we can reassure you that the program meets the requirements of public standards.

Why Secure Audit?

As part of our policies, we also create an extra assessment on the security aspects of your programs which help you greatly in identifying potentially dangerous bugs that do not get caught during a standard code audit. Secure code audit should be performed even on an open-source program so that people who fork the code do not inherit such serious errors.