We don't make sites, we craft them with love & passion. That is our most valued secret. We love what we do.

Post My Eats

A hobby based website for Food Fanatics to post their favourite Eats right off the plate. A rich wordpress site that has a user/foodie driven model which makes uses of several social networking tools to bring out the best experience in the site users.

July 2015


This was our vanity point where we developed a website with a cloudbased backend for young and emerging actors/actresses and cinema artists in India. The site uses several features asserted to create the best experience for new talent to meet startdom.

June 2015


We have built a corporate website for - Veusoft, a pioneering IT infrastructure company based in New York. The website has rich back-end functionality with powerful tools to manage client services. The solution depends on a highly scalable multi-tier architecture and a customised CRM - making usability and navigation, very user friendly.

November 2014


Using feature-rich E-Commerce platform, MetaSquare has provide RechargeMint with a new scalable and extensible website with comprehensive e-commerce functionality. Features include my profile, feedback, recharge rates and other. The front end has a cleaner, less complex design which is easy to navigate and use. Paypal, Rupay and other Adaptive Payment frameworks are utilized as a payment gateway.

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Cognitive cloud based messaging system

A flawless message delivery system that provides point to point connection based on cloud. It incorporates various technologies from Google cloud to Python etc providing a much more reliable and flexible system compared to other messaging systems.

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Image Submission Utility for Profiles

An Image submission utility to submit profile pictures without any inconsistency. Useful when a quick collection of all indexes are required. Software was developed using PHP and jQuery.

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QR Code based Mobile Shopping System

Mobile shopping has never been easier with QR code technology that helps provide the ideal shopping experience in this generation. Cutting down the complex jargons, it is a simple point -N-shop concept that brings the entire supermarket in your palm. Application was developed using PHP, MySQL in iOS framework.

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Event Venue booking system for Organizations

From booking meetings and conferences to social events our event venue booking system provides a seamless booking, preventing deadlock or any other errors from arising thereby providing an unassailable booking system.

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A front facing website created for a not for profit organisation that aims to bring affordable childhood education and health care for the elderly. The organisation was created in association with several other NGO’s and Social services wing of several IT giants.

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A bitmap (.bmp) image based utility to encrypt data enabling concealment of sensitive information. It’s prima focus is based on steganography - an art of concealment. It encapsulates encrypted text within any images that can be later decrypted using shared key. Software was developed using Embarcadero Delphi.

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