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Traning and Development

MetaSquare has developed training and advancement programs that set the standard in the IT business. We take incredible pride in giving far reaching solutions that empower our workers to enhance their aptitudes and upgrade their professions.

MetaSquare's training services focuses that most of the vast majority of the member's opportunity ought to be spent in group adapting as opposed to in dry, formal address. These sessions help members to recognize the contrast in the middle of powerful and ineffectual conduct and aide them in ways that help them to change parts of their behavioral style. We have created multi-course altered projects for expansive scale rollout to administration experts, deals drive or anybody in your association who needs proficient preparing.

The following is a summary of our training and development courses:

- Job Proficiency Skills and Knowledge Training
- Communications Skills
- Group Building Workshops
- Attitudinal Workshops
- FMCG Sales Force Training
- Execution Enhancement Systems
- Identity Development
- Initiative & Motivation

- Little Group Activities
- Quality Circles
- Relational capacities
- Corporate conduct
- Regulatory training
- Customized training for individual divisions and business bunches
- Leadership training and
- Software training