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With most IT organizations, you just see them after you have an issue. They turn out to do the repair and give you a huge bill — you just see them next time there's an emergency.

Metasquare is diverse. Numerous organizations from expert organizations to non-profit organizations have depended on our expertise − not just for our business solutions software services, additionally to proactively keep their systems running smoothly.

Metasquare's Support programs offers day in and day out system checking with a the boss's disposal backing amid typical business hours. It's a proactive 360°support for your system, for one settled month to month expense. You won't need to invest time doing system upkeep, troubleshooting issues and adjusting your end clients. Metasquare's Support is much the same as having your own particular master IT group accessible by the boss. Best of all, the altered expense means there's no mystery at planning time.

We tweak the arrangement with your group to provide for you the best general help conceivable. Why hold up until there's an emergency with your system? Sign up for the Metasquare's Core Support program today and find proactive IT help at a low month to month cost. Truth be told, the better the work we do, the less you'll have to see us!

Here's how it works:
Metasquare will screen your system and roll out proactive improvements focused around particular predefined criteria. We get alerts from your system when lapse conditions happen — permitting our specialists to react as soon as possible (as a rule before you are even mindful an issue exists). Your clients get immediate access to the MetaSquare's Support work area, bringing down machine downtime and additionally your clients's dissatisfaction levels.

   The MetaSquare Core Support program includes all these corporate network services:

Scheduled hardware and Code audits
- Track changes in client frameworks, taking into consideration quicker distinguishing proof of issue issues
- Confirm adherence to programming agreeability
- Track of equipment and programming serial numbers and support contracts

Patch Management
- Push fixes on a repeating timetable
- Ensure all machines have cutting-edge security data
- Automate various manual processes

Managed client state with capacity to return again to Cross Platform Support (PC and MAC)
- Manage client settings
- Revert your machine to its preissue state
- Allow for adaptability in issue solving

Cross Stage help (PC and Mac)
- Total administration of both PC and MAC systems

Fully mechanized force management
- Remote modification of force settings on all Client machines to take out vitality waste

Software arrangement and Framework management
- Deploy programming bundles to customer machines remotely
- Manage the bundles introduced and focused around office and client rights

Network Gadget Discovery
- Determine where the systems are and settings remotely
- Helps focus defects in system framework with negligible association

Monitoring of framework alarms and blunders with Programmed Help ticket Generation
- Monitor framework cautions
- Based on caution the framework will take activities consequently
- Create and heighten issue tickets consequently to FCA

Remote support of your computers
- We can perform all diagnostics and fixes that are ordinarily executed on location, all from a remote area
- Allows our Help Desk to remotely get to client's machines for help and preparing as needed

Secure FTP, Chat and Message Broadcasting from FCA help staff to your users
- Secure exchange of documents to Client machines
- Our help tech can talk intuitively with your group to determination issues proficiently
- Show messages to all clients at the same time − especially supportive when everybody needs to passageway Timberline for specific month-end processes

Comprehensive & Coordinated administration reporting
- Run investigates planned premise
- Patch and lapse reporting