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The MetaSquare's Research and Development (R&D) unit concentrates on projects associated with evolving and emerging technologies that are or expected to be used by emerging technology players around the globe. Through collaborated effort within Meta Labs and with other members of the MetaSquare community, the R&D unit will explore and archive various opportunities, challenges, implications, and other considerations. Through organized efforts MetaSquare helps other organisations to make informed decisions about the acquisition and management of various technologies ranging from unique and specialised to enterprise-wide applications and research. While R&D's primary focus will be on advances specifically on technologies directly intended to improve workflow, staff and client interactions with each other, activities may include framework considerations as a component to obliging audit.

We are working constantly on our products to improvise and bring innovation to new heights. Metasquare Labs will start its full fledged R&D unit in the wake of 2016.