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Meta 360°

Meta 360° is a kick start service to your organization. Get jump started with our premium services at a reasonable cost based on your requirements. You can select from our range of services from Web development to Cyber security. Leave the job to us and we will take care of the rest. With this service, we at Metasquare guarantee you an edge over the competition. Forget the complex infrastructure management and maintenance. Our handpicked services helps growing businesses leverage their online presence and activities. All this ensures compliance, and paves the way to business agility.

Here's our picks to get you jump started

  • Web Development

    Our team includes programming and website / graphic design staff whose mission is to deliver a website that not only looks great, but encapsulates the unique personality of your business and what it stands for.

  • CMS & Database Services

    CMS or a 'Content Management System' truly permits you to control and deal with the content within your site without any technical knowledge. Utilizing this uncomplicated framework you can undoubtedly include, delete pictures and alter message in your site on the fly.

  • Online Marketing & SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is crucial and vital and our SEO methodologies will get you a high-positioning position in list items. We'll give a full SEO watchword rankings report, and in addition external link establishment profile report and filed page data.

  • Cloud Services

    Metasquare's Cloud Services take a staged approach that conveys expanding business esteem over the long haul. Conveying cloud drives gigantic expense efficiencies by fundamentally bringing down CAPEX and OPEX. Utilizing cloud additionally begins to convey nature of administration through enhanced accessibility and responsiveness of the base.

  • Support Solutions

    Metasquare's Support programs offers day in and day out system checking with a the boss's disposal backing amid typical business hours. It's a proactive 360°support for your system, for one settled month to month expense. You won't need to invest time doing system upkeep, troubleshooting issues and adjusting your end clients.

  • Network Security

    MetaCloud Security network acts like a substrate layer over your network by actively eliminating any network threats that can creep into your organization. It probes and verifies each and every packet in and out of your network all the while maintaining the privacy of your organization.

  • Secure Payments

    Our team specializes in secure payment protocols and web payment methods. We handle this differently and contrast from the existing. We believe that data transfer through the internet should be as reliable and secure as possible. We develop standard, proprietary and also build upon existing protocols and deploy standards that this world has never seen before.

  • Data Protection

    All organizations who have data ranging from one thumb drive to a huge underground data center require its appropriate protection. At Metasquare, we provide comprehensive data protection techniques and best practices. Information or Data Privacy concerns exist in all levels of a business and they have to be mitigated at its infancy.