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Blockchain is the future of Technology in a world were Trust has become a commodity. - Distributed Ledgers and Cryptocurrencies have infiltrated every single industry out there. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. As many people refer to blockchain as the next Internet Bubble, it has a very far-reaching ramp than the traditional internet as we know it today. It truly democratizes the way we use the Internet and gives the power back to the people. In this case, the community that actively serves it by keeping the system alive.

With our corporate experience in OpenAVN and ResQ Network, we at Metasquare Inc are clear and committed to serving our creamy layer talent to our valuable clients. With our combined experience in Blockchain development, Smart Contract Auditing, Ethereum Development, Community Fostering, ICO Process and Legal Counselling, and Advisement -- we are hell-bent to ensure we walk you through the entire process from incepting the idea to launching Cryptocurrencies in Exchanges worldwide.

With almost every field out there having a utility in Blockchain, it might be hard at times to focus on the next steps logically. We break things down for you and put together a chronological proposal and also execute them for you in a much more cost-effective manner. If you are a Corporate company wanting to launch your own supply chain behemoth app or just a dormitory-based startup, we serve everyone to realize the fullest potential of your ideas.

MetaSquare advisors have deep-rooted experience in Tokenomics, Financial and Jurisdictional Experience in solving all the Bootstrapping issues with starting your blockchain company. We also onboard our Advisor Pool to provide Industry Knowledge as well as connect you to key investors that are suited to your project.

MetaSquare consultants have experience across the board when it comes to starting your next revolutionary breakthrough in Blockchain. So feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]. Be sure to include "Blockchain Consulting" in your subject line to help us get back to you quickly.