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About Us

Storytelling fused with technology and design.

Seeing Sustainability in a new light

Who We Are

MetaSquare is an information technology firm that specialises in solutions for mid-size to enterprise businesses. We provide complete Networking, Web Development, Cyber Security and Software Development services.

Our handpicked services helps growing businesses leverage their online presence and activities. All this ensures compliance, and paves the way to business agility. We believe ideas come from everyone, everywhere. In fact, at MetaSquare, everyone within our walls is an inventor in their own right.

Our company history includes pro bono work for many organizations, providing techincal assistance to corporate organizations and assisting them in their portfolios to make them stand out among the crowd. Over the years, we have acquired partnerships with various organizations to provide support and services for our clients.

Our Strengths

Web Development

Cyber Forensics

Network Security

Cloud Services

Our Partners

Our Core Values

We believe culture can represent the deciding moment an organization, and an extraordinary culture NEVER happens unintentionally. By aligning all workers to our five Core values, MetaSquare society gets stronger and stronger, with free-flowing information, coordinated effort, responsibility and a soul of greatness.

These core qualities are so vital to us that we discuss them in organizational meetings and in corridor discussions. Everyday we strive to uphold our core qualities:

PASSION - Every task, challenge opens a new door, we perform with reason and an inspirational state of mind to give the best product and customer satisfaction.

RESPONSIBILITY - We proactively take leadership for activities and outcomes.

TEAM WORK - We drive accomplishment through solid team effort and correspondence across departments and individuals.

INTEGRITY - With each choice and each desicion we make, as a team or as an organization, we uphold that activity or choice with solid morals and sound principles.

QUALITY - We encapsulate the highest and most ethical standards. We are persuaded to be the best and we steadily pursue excellence to obtain higher results.